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wild republic

Mini Sting Ray

Mini Sting Ray

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Like no other toy you’ve ever seen, the Stuffed Stingray Mini EcoKins by Wild Republic is a curious looking creature that will add charm and intrigue to your cuddly toy collection. These flat fish can measure up to 16 feet in the ocean, but this plush stingray is a more modest 8 inches, so won’t take up much room on your bed or couch. In a super soft gray plush with a white belly, the Stuffed Stingray Mini EcoKins by Wild Republic has two embroidered yellow eyes, and large flat ‘wings’ on each side that are usually used to propel them through the water. Closely related to sharks, these funny fish are venomous, but this stuffed stingray is far from being poisonous; in fact, being kind to the planet is right at the top of her agenda. Made from 100% recycled materials, the Stuffed Stingray Mini EcoKins by Wild Republic began as 7 plastic water bottles, and uses recycled paper, soy-based inks, and cotton threading to keep her promise to help protect the planet. Stingrays bury themselves in sand to keep themselves safe while they sleep, but this stingray stuffed animal much prefers the comfort of comfy bedding, blankets, and a loving owner, instead.


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